Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cooking ;)

I've had an urge to try some different things in the kitchen lately. As most of you know I love reading and keeping up with blogs. Some of the blogs I follow / stalk or whatever you want to call it I don't even know on a personal level. But reading the blogs really make me feel like I do :) we participated in a couples bible study a few months ago led by Laurie and Lin Keesey. They are an awesome couple and I feel like we learned so much about life and about parenting and about Our Lord and our Savior. I started following her daughters blog because her testimony about adoption is so amazing and I love looking at pictures of all of her beautiful children. A few weeks ago she started posting a new recipe each day. So I thought.... Awesome. I will try some of them! And I did. ;).

The first one I tried was stuffed chicken. It was stuffed with goat cheese and it was awesome! The next one I tried was Italian pork chops. It was so good too! She even posted a side dish of honey butter sweet potatoes. Wow. They were all awesome.

However...... We also have something else that we are cooking .....

We are proud to announce we will be adding a new member to our family in May 2012 . We are very excited and am looking forward to another pregnancy journey. As most know pregnancy is very much a exciting but emotional time for me. Please join us in praying through this entire pregnancy and keep the baby and myself safe and healthy.


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